Mutant Swap
It all started with MutantPunksNFT, a successful & sold out 10k NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain with an established 12k+ Discord members and 4k+ Twitter followers . Our long term vision is to build a Mutant Punks Metaverse in the upcoming Facebook/Meta Metaverse.
Our Northstar is to push the technology boundary of NFT and Defi by building a product that combines the best of what smart contract can offer. We are building a Defi platform Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) named Mutant Swap to introduce Mutant Coin, a governance token of Mutant Swap and Mutant Metaverse to our Mutant Punks NFT holders.
The advanced Defi platform with NFT focus will not only introduce NFT lending & borrowing but also a unique concept of NFT auto staking where each of our Mutant Punks NFT has been yielding Mutant Coin everyday from the public mint date just by holding the NFT in the wallet, more details in Auto Yield. We want to provide a platform for Mutant Coin to be traded on Mutant Swap DEX where we can incentivize liquidity providers with Mutant Coin reward.
Please review our white paper. We have completed phase 1 of launching the NFT project and established a large and engaging community. Mutant Swap and Mutant Coin is our phase 2 - to build the utilities for Mutant Punks NFT.
Last modified 5mo ago
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