Mutant Swap
Mutant Punks NFT Auto Yield

Auto Yield

As said in the whitepaper, each Mutant Punks NFT has been yielding Mutant Coins since the public mint date October 17, 2021 and will continue auto yield for 3 years ending in October 17, 2024.
Yield is tracked per Mutant Punks NFT from the last claim date starting from public mint date. It means, if you buy any MutantPunksNFT now until the yield claim feature launches, you are entitled to all Mutant Coins which have been accumulated since public mint date. Your loss paper hands

Yield rate:

APR is calculated using average sale price of each specie, Ether price ~$3200 at the time of writing and assumption of MutantCoin value at $0.01. Other values such as aesthetic art appeal are not taken into account. APR will go up as MutantCoin value goes up.
  • Demon: 400 Mutant Coins/day - APR: ~35%
  • Mummy: 178 Mutant Coins/day - APR: ~29%
  • Ape Zombie: 45 Mutant Coins/day - APR: ~22%
  • Others: 2.5 Mutant Coins/day - APR: ~15%

Claiming rMutantCoin from MutantPunksNFT Demo

The yield claim feature for MutantPunksNFT is code completed. We will launch yield claiming after seeking early investors for Mutant Coins. Below is a demo of the claiming process on our website once launched.