Mutant Swap
Mutant Coin


$MCO MutantCoin is the governance token serving as reward in the Mutant Swap ecosystem and "gas" in the upcoming Mutant Metaverse. MutantCoin and Mutant Swap will be built and launched at the same time on Aurora Blockchain, an Ethereum EVM compatible Layer 2 chain offering $0 - very low gas fee for the users.


$rMC rMutantCoin is a token that can be swapped 1:1 to MutantCoin. rMutantCoin will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain for MutantPunksNFT holders to claim their MutantCoin yield due to the fact that Mutant Punks NFT was launched on Ethereum and we need to read ownership and rarity of your MP NFT states on the same chain.
rMutantCoin will be issued to raise early funding for initial liquidity and dev funds to build Mutant Ecosystem, all of which will be redeemed for MutantCoins and burnt to blackhole.
Rainbow Bridge (see Bridging Tokens) will be used to transfer rMutantCoin to the Aurora L2 chain where users can swap rMutantCoin for MutantCoin then do Defi activity in Mutant Swap on Aurora with $0 gas fee.
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